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Yuu Nanba

    Course of Public/Private Partnership Professor
    Research Center for Public/Private Partnership Professor
    Asia Public/Private Partnership Institute Professor
Last Updated :2022/06/15

Researcher Information


  • Master of Economics(2011/03 Toyo University)

Research funding number

  • 10801615

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Research Interests

  • Public Private Partnerships   

Research Areas

  • Other / Other / Public Private Partnerships

Published Papers

  • Application of PPPs to small-scale projects in the UK
    Yu Namba
    東洋大学PPP研究センター紀要 (11) 2020/03 [Refereed]
  • Comparison of TIFs in the US and UK and Growth Accelerator Model
    Yu Namba
    東洋大学PPP研究センター紀要 (11) 2020/03 [Refereed]
  • Defining public services in newly incorporated cities in Georgia
    Yu Namba
    東洋大学PPP研究センター紀要 (8) 2018/03
  • Treatment of Initial proponent in unsolicited proposals
    Yu Namba
    東洋大学PPP研究センター紀要 (6) 2016/03
  • Residing in multiple locations--Benefits and burdens for public services
    Yu Namba
    東洋大学PPP研究センター紀要 (6) 2016/03
  • Collecting tariffs from roads/streets
    Yu Namba
    東洋大学PPP研究センター紀要 (4) 2014/03
  • A Report on the PPP Days 2012
    Yu Namba
    東洋大学PPP研究センター紀要 (2) 2012/03
  • Supporting local governments in massive disasters--logistics and administrations
    Yu Namba
    東洋大学PPP研究センター紀要 (2) 2012/03

Books etc

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Partnerships in Disasters  [Invited]
    Yu Namba
    Resilieince 2020  2020/03  Public discourse
  • 国際的なPPPの潮流と最近の話題  [Invited]
    水未来会議2020  2020/01
  • 海外PPP/PFIから考える日本のPPP/PFIの今後  [Invited]
    WATER-Nサポーター感謝デー  2019/10
  • PPPs in local governments  [Invited]
    Yu Namba
    High level inaugural conference Public Private Partnership--Africa's Next Big Thing  2019/09  Public discourse