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Lorenz Poggendorf

    Department of International Tourism Management Associate Professor
    Course of International Tourism Studies Associate Professor
Last Updated :2021/10/30

Researcher Information


  • Ph.D.(2008/03 The University of Tokyo)
  • M.Sc.(2003/09 Technical University Berlin)

Research funding number

  • 70844083

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Research Interests

  • Religion and the environment   Regional tourism theory   Cultural heritage   

Research Areas

  • Environmental science/Agricultural science / Social-ecological systems / Sustainable agriculture and land-use
  • Environmental science/Agricultural science / Environmental policy and society / Landscape management and sustainable tourism
  • Humanities & social sciences / Tourism studies / Religious sites and tourism
  • Humanities & social sciences / Tourism studies / Cultural heritage
  • Humanities & social sciences / Tourism studies / Regional tourism resources

Academic & Professional Experience

  • 2019/04 - Today  Toyo UniversityFaculty of International Tourism Studies, Department of Tourism
  • 2018/04 - 2021/09  Sophia UniversityGraduate School of Global Environmental Studies
  • 2015/04 - 2020/03  Tokyo University of ScienceFaculty of Science and TechnologyPart-time lecturer
  • 2015/04 - 2019/03  Toyo UniversityFaculty of Regional Development Studies, Department of Tourism
  • 2014/04 - 2019/03  Japanese Wildlife Research Center (JWRC) and Tokyo College of Environment (TCE)Visiting Researcher / Senior Fellow
  • 2014/10 - 2015/03  Hyogo Prefectural UniversityAwaji Landscape Horticulture SchoolVisiting Associate Professor
  • 2005/04 - 2008/10  International Education Association
  • 2008/07 - 2008/09  Goethe-InstitutGerman language teachingsummer school course „Nature and the Environment“
  • 2001/10 - 2003/09  Technical University BerlinInstitute of EcologyStudent assistant


  • 2005/04 - 2008/03  The University of Tokyo  Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences  Department of Forest Science, Forest Landscape Planning Laboratory
  • 2004/04 - 2005/03  The University of Tokyo  Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences  Department of Forest Science, Forest Landscape Planning Laboratory
  • 1999/11 - 2003/09  Technical University Berlin  Graduate School of Architecture and Regional Planning  Landscape Planning and Urban Design
  • 1996/10 - 1999/10  Leibniz University Hannover  School of Architecture and Regional Planning  Environmental Studies and Landscape Architecture
  • 1995/04 - 1995/12  Japanese Agricultural Exchange Council (JAEC)  Landscape gardening training in a Japanese company, Aichi prefecture, Japan
  • 1994/10 - 1994/12  Taiwan Provincal Chiatung Senior Agricultural Vocational School  Department of Horticulture
  • 1992/08 - 1994/07  Vocational School Uelzen  Horticulture and Landscaping
  • 1990/07 - 1991/10  Jugend- und Bildungsstätte Klingberg  Civil Service in a semi-public educational facility
  • 1980/08 - 1990/05  Gymnasium Quickborn (high school)

Association Memberships

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft der JSPS-Stipendiaten e.V. (German JSPS Alumni Association)   Deutsche Gesellschaft für Natur- und Völkerkunde Ostasiens (OAG)   Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT) graduate scholarship holder   German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship holder   German-Japanese Association Berlin   German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship holder   

Published Papers

  • Sacred Sightseeing Spots in Japan: Comparison of Two Prominent Shrines and Their Local Tourism Policies
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Contemporary Social Studies 16 111 - 121 2019/03
  • Sacred or Profane? Tourism Ethics of Major Religious Sites in Europe and Japan
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment / International Conference “Sustainable Tourism 2018” 221 - 235 2018/06 [Refereed]
  • Forrest Kindergarten and the Natural Famine Society: A Practical Review of Forrest Kindergarten in Germany and Implications for Japan
    Lorenz Poggendorf; Shingo Shibata
    "Global Environmental Studies" Bulletin of Sophia University Global Environmental Research Institute 12 46 - 66 2017/03 [Invited]
  • Innovative Cultural Tourism on the German River Rhine - Regional Development and Local Success: How the Monastery Kloster Eberbach Sets New Standards
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Journal of Tourism Studies 2017/03
  • Hamburg's Urban Development: A Port City Cultivated by Beautiful Riverscape and Maritime Trade
    Hidenobu Jinnai; ,; Takashi Ishigami; Lorenz Poggendorf
    Water City Ⅳ Special Issue Ⅳ Searching for a Water City Method (Hosei University Press) 4 187 - 204 2015/06 [Invited]
  • Traditional Cultural Landscape and Satoyama: Challenges and Potential
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Comparative Philosophy and Cultural Studies 2015/03 [Invited]
  • Hamburg's urban formation -a port city fostered by beautiful river scenery and maritime trade
    Lorenz Poggendorf; Hidenobu Jinnai; Takashi Ishigami
    Northern European Port Town Study 第3章 54 - 79 2014/10 [Invited]
  • Translations have been always an inter-cultural task
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Comparative Thought and Cultural Studies 4 33 - 36 2012/12
  • The Meaning and Creeping Loss of Holy Trees of District Shrines in the Tokyo Region
    Lorenz Poggendorf; Ryohei Ono; Akio Shimomura
    Papers on Environmental Information Science 21 223 - 221 2007/11 [Refereed]
  • The Scenic Loss and Preservation of District Shrines at the Fringe of Tokyo
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Journal of Landscape Architecture in Asia 3 99 - 104 2007/10 [Refereed]
  • Südgelände: Vom Natur- zum Erlebnis-Park (Südgelände: from nature to adventure park)
    Ingo Kowarik; Stefan Körner; Lorenz Poggendorf
    Garten+Landschaft, Callwey Verlag München 2 24 - 27 2004/02 [Invited]

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Change of values and lifestyle  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    "Transformative Change" for Building a Sustainable Society and Forests (Sophia University)  2021/10
  • New Paradigm of Spiritual Tourism in post-COVID-19  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Sustainable Tourism: COVID-19 reframing and realization (3rd Future Tourism Leaders Workshop at Toyo University)  2021/03
  • Innovative Cultural Tourism on the German River Rhine - Regional Development and Local Success: How the Monastery Kloster Eberbach Sets New Standards  [Invited]
    ポッゲンドルフ ローレンツ
    „Universitäre Studienreisen nach Deutschland - Aber wie?“ (University study trips to Germany - but how?)  2018/07
  • Sacred or Profane? Tourism Ethics of Major Religious Sites in Europe and Japan  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Sustainable Tourism International Conference in Vienna  2018/05
  • Sacred Japanese Tourism Landscapes  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    TTL Guest Lecture, Technical University Wien, Austria (special lecture)  2018/05
  • Tourismus und Heilige Orte in Japan (Tourism and sacred sites in Japan)  [Invited]
    ポッゲンドルフ ローレンツ
    Deutsche Gesellschaft der JSPS-Stipendiaten e.V. (special lecture)  2018/04
  • In the countryside: dream landscapes in transition ‒ traditional cultural landscape and Satoyama: challenges and potential  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Ostasiengesellschaft Tokyo, monthly public lectures  2015/10
  • Satoyama's future for children  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    NPO Natural History Data Bank Mania net (symposium)  2015/03
  • European and Japanese Satoyama Issues  [Invited]
    ポッゲンドルフ ローレンツ
    Shibata Laboratory, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Sophia University (special lecture)  2015/01
  • Learning from Satoyama: How to Understand and Promote Cultural Landscapes for Sustainable Regional Development--Lectures and Seminars  [Invited]
    ポッゲンドルフ ローレンツ
    Yamaguchi Prefectural University Global Human Resource Development Promotion Project (special lecture)  2014/11
  • Learning from Satoyama: protecting cultural landscape and achieving sustainable regional development
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Hokusetsu SATOYAMA International Symposium-Hokusetsu Satoyama to SATOYAMA in the World ‒ APN ‒ ASIA PACIFIC NETWORK FOR GLOBAL CHANGE RESEARCH  2014/11
  • The Port City of Hamburg,Germany's gateway to the world-its Maritime Trade and Development History  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    International Symposium: Exploring Water Metropolitan Methods (Hosei University)  2014/10
  • Learning from Satoyama: how to understand and promote cultural landscapes for sustainable community development  [Invited]
    ポッゲンドルフ ローレンツ
    Yamaguchi Prefectural University, Global Human Resource Development Promotion Project (online-class)  2013/12
  • Landscape in Japan, Shinto shrines  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    German Society for Garden Design and Cultural Landscapes(DGGL), special lecture  2013/12
  • Landscape and garden impressions from Japan  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Agriculture, monthly public lecture  2009/09
  • Problem finding Seminar as a guest lecturer  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Meiji University, Faculty of Information and Communication  2008/11
  • Shinto shrines and the possibility of landscape preservation in Japan  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    The Asiatic Society of Japan (ASJ) Tokyo, monthly lecture  2008/09
  • German Society and Culture  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Sacred Heart Women's University, guest lecture  2008/04
  • Special Lecture for all school subjects  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Daito Bunka University, guest lecture at university  2006/07
  • From spiritual nature to functional green space? Japanese green space between tradition and modernization  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Ostasiatische Gesellschaft (OAG) Gastvortrag (guest lecture)  2006/04
  • Bridges to Japanese Garden Design (Brücken zu Japanischer Gartengestaltung)  [Invited]
    Lorenz Poggendorf
    Japanese-German Center Berlin - Japanese Culture Presentation  2000/11

Research Grants & Projects

  • "Places of worship and tourism ethics: A study on visits to religious spaces in Europe and Japan."
    Uehiro Ethics Foundation:
    Date (from‐to) : 2017/02 -2018/01 
    Author : Lorenz Poggendorf

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