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Ayako Nakai

    Department of International Tourism Management Associate Professor
    Institute of Human Sciences Associate Professor
    Course of International Tourism Studies Associate Professor
Last Updated :2021/10/30

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  • 90716789

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  • Humanities & social sciences / Linguistics

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Conference Activities & Talks

  • The effects of timed reading and discussion in English reading classes in Japan :Comparing different active learning methods  [Not invited]
    Ayako Nakai
    the JACET 60th Commemorative International Convention.  2021/08
  • Strategies of Forbes Five-Star Hotels for Attracting Guests in Japan amid the COVID-19 Pandemic  [Not invited]
    Ayako Nakai
    Travel and Tourism Research Association Annual International Conference  2021/06
  • Effective Writing Strategies for Concucian Heritage Cultural Students  [Not invited]
    Ayako NAKAI
    European Conference on Langugae Learning  2020/07
  • The Effects of Learning Environmental Issues through a Short-term Study Overseas Program in California  [Not invited]
    the 50th Travel and Tourism Research Association Annual International Conference  2019/06
  • Effects of Introductory Non-Native English Audio Materials on TOEIC Test Results  [Not invited]
    Ayako Nakai
    The ELF 11th Conference  2018/07
  • Online Text to Speech Material for Improving English Listening  [Not invited]
    Ayako Nakai
    The European Conference on Language Learning 2016  2016/06
  • 英字新聞を用いたアクティブ・ラーニングの授業形態の比較  [Not invited]
    中井 文子
    JACET関東支部大会  2015/07
  • Writing Strategies for Confucaion Heritage Culture Students  [Not invited]
    Ayako Nakai
    第44回日本英語表現学会全国大会  2015/06
  • The Effects of Poster Displays for Active Learning  [Not invited]
    Ayako Nakai
    CAES International Conference  2015/06
  • The Effects of of Audio Materials Spoken by Non-native Speakers for Preparing for the TOEIC Test  [Not invited]
    Ayako Nakai
    Asia Call 2014 Program  2014/11
  • 英字新聞を用いたポスタープレゼンテーションによる英文読解力の学習効果  [Not invited]
    中井 文子
    JACET関東支部大会要項  2014/06
  • The TOEIC TEST リスニングクラスにおけるノン・ネイティブスピーカーを使用した音声教材の学習効果  [Not invited]
    中井 文子
    外国語教育メディア学会関東支部研究大会  2013/12