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Schulzer Rainer

    Department of Information Networking for Innovation and Design Associate Professor
    Inoue Enryo Research Center Associate Professor
    Institute of Oriental Studies Associate Professor
Last Updated :2022/10/01

Researcher Information


  • Doctor of Philosophy

Research funding number

  • 90622936

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Research Interests

  • East Asian Philosophy   Ethical Theory   Comparative Philosophy   

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Philosophy - Chinese, Indian, Buddhist / Japanese studies
  • Humanities & social sciences / Philosophy and ethics

Published Papers

  • 「井上円了を活論する:東洋大学の建学精神について」 [Discussing Inoue Enryo Productively: About the Founding Spirit of Toyo University]
    Inoue Enryo: An Essay Collection, Kyōiku Hyōronsha 346 - 367 2019
  • Inoue Enryō's Philosophy of Buddhism
    Dao Companion to Japanese Buddhist Philosophy 565 - 573 2019 [Refereed]
  • 「哲学と良心」[Philosophy and Conscience]
    An Introduction to the Study of Conscience, Iwanami Shoten 33 - 43 2018 [Refereed]
  • Soteriological Pragmatism and Psychotherapy: The Buddhist Concept of "Means" in the Writings of the Modern Buddhist Philosopher Inoue Enryō
    The Eastern Buddhist 47 (2) 107 - 119 2016 [Refereed]
  • Inoue Enryō Research at Toyo University (Editorial)
    International Inoue Enryo Research (2) 2014
  • 「世界哲学の交差点:井上円了における理論哲学と実践哲学」[Crossroads of World Philosophy: Theoretical and Practical Philosophy in Inoue Enryō]
    International Inoue Enryo Research (1) 2013
  • 「井上円了による大乗哲学とスピノザ哲学の比較について」[About Inoue Enryō's Comparison of Mahāyāna Buddhism and the Philosophy of Spinoza]
    International Inoue Enryo Research (1) 2013
  • 「井上円了『稿録』の研究」[Examination of Inoue Enryō's "Notebook"]
    Annual Report of the Inoue Enryo Center (19) 2010
  • 「欧米諸言語文献に見る井上円了研究」[Inoue Enryō Research in Western Language Literature]
    Annual Report of the Inoue Enryo Center (18) 2009

Books etc

  • Guide to the Temple Garden of Philosophy
    Rainer Schulzer, ed Toyo University Press 2019 
    ISBN 978-4-908590-07-8
  • Inoue Enyro: A Philosophical Portrait
    Rainer Schulzer (Single work)SUNY Press 2019 
    ISBN 978-1-4384-7486-0
  • Rainer Schulzer; Co-founder; editor of English contents (英文コンテンツ担当)International Association for Inoue Enryo Research 
    Journal since 2013. ISSN 2187-7459