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Kazuo Takahashi

    Department of Regional Development Studies Professor
    Institute of Regional Vitalization Studies Professor
    Course of Regional Development Studies Professor
Last Updated :2020/12/15

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  • 70206796

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  • 映像社会学   社会学教授法   映像コミュニケーション   教育コミュニケーション   マルチメディア   映像研究   アジア   コミュニティ・ネットワーク   コミュニティ開発   CODI   社会学教育法   ACCAプログラム   教育法   自助型開発   研究法   都市社会論   写真   バーン・マンコン・プログラム   社会学研究法   映像   ビデオ   計画論   研究・開発   住民参加型まちづくり   インフォーマル土地住宅市場   住民組織と都市環境管理   人材養成   知的所有権   特許出願   伝統産業   

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Sociology

Academic & Professional Experience

  • 1997/04 - Today  Toyo UniversityFaculty of Regional Development Studies教授

Research Grants & Projects

  • 文部科学省:科学研究費補助金(基盤研究(B), 基盤研究(B))
    Date (from‐to) : 2011 -2014 
    Author : 高橋 一男; 藤井 敏信; 安 相景; 秋谷 公博; 川澄 厚志
    本研究の基幹となるタイのコミュニティ開発プログラム、バーン・マンコン・プログラム(以下、BMP)の推移について、その準備、実施、そして見直し段階のそれぞれのフェーズにおける実態を把握することに努めた。2003年から始められたBMPのパイロットプロジェクトに関して詳細なデータ収集を行った。BMPが本格的に展開されたのが2004年である。コミュニティネットワークが各地で形成され、参加コミュニティがその経験や知識を共有する実態が把握できた。現地調査も地方都市(チョンブリ県、ラヨーン県、チャイヤプーム県など)に拡大して行った。それにより都市部と農村、漁村部におけるBMPの(コミュニティ住民による)とらえ方、実施成果等に差異が認められた。上述BMPは、バンコクに拠点をおく国際NGOであるACHR(Asian Coalition for Housing Rights)によって、ACCA(Asian Coalition for Community Actions)プログラムとしてアジア諸国に紹介されている。今年度は、同プログラムの導入国であるモンゴルと韓国において現地調査を行い、その実態把握を行った。モンゴル調査は首都ウランバートルとその周縁地域に展開するゲル・コミュニティで調査を行った。同国では2002年に土地所有制度が実施されたが、区画整理が十分に行われなかったため、中心市街地では道路整備、用途別土地利用が担保されているが、周縁地域においてはインフラの整備が行き届かず宅地が無秩序に拡大する傾向が強い。また、韓国ではソウルと釜山において調査を実施した。ソウルではビニールハウスコミュニティの実態について、釜山ではチョッパン地区の再開発について調査を実施した。両国では、住民の土地所有に対する強い関心が勝り、自助型開発プログラムの主旨との差異が認められた。
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology:Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(C))
    Date (from‐to) : 2002 -2004 
    Author : Kazuo TAKAHASHI
    This research is practical research which develops the effective sociology teaching methods by practical use of an image, and is the theoretical research which examined the validity and possibilities of image use in sociology research from the research process, and put construction of the theoretical system of "visual sociology" into the range. It is specifically finding out knowledge to practice of image practical use, and construction of theory by making Power Point for the material software of a faculty opening-a-course subject "Understanding of Asian societies". The use image was mainly taken in Southeast Asia. It had the history of our country and exchange and the Kingdom of Thailand in which many international organizations are establishing the local branches was chosen. There were population which it visits for the business from our country, sightseeing, etc., and judgment that and an understanding is easy to be obtained rather than other countries in Southeast Asia.Journal of Regional Development Studies, Toyo University and the joint seminar with AIT(Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand), the annual meeting of IVSA(International Visual Sociology Association), the book, etc. were able to announce the research result in Japanese and English. In this research period, it went centering on the still photos in image practical use. Although it was what the use on PowerPoint used as a platform is taken into consideration for, by future research, it is using various media and utilizing a video image. Research representative would like to acquire the further knowledge of image use and to deepen construction of visual sociology.
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology:Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(C))
    Date (from‐to) : 1999 -2001 
    Author : Kazuo TAKAHASHI
    The purpose of this research is to conduct practical research and theory-oriented research on using images for education. At the same time, the purpose of this is to promote the study, production, and use of visual images, data, and materials in teaching, and to foster the development and use of still photographs, video, and film in sociology.Conducting practical research was to produce multimedia materials, like a CD-ROM, for education at the university classrooms. Text on "Rice in Asia", and choosing photographs on the contexts were prepared at first. The contents were on the rice farmers in Japan, to compare the same as Asian rice farmers as in East and Southeast Asia countries. The photographs also were taken in the process of cultivating, planting, and harvesting. The authoring application software processed compiling the text and the photographs through PC. After that, the professional researchers who have been interested in use of visual images and multimedia itself evaluated the multimedia materials in this case. They made comments that the edit of the text and visual images should be done at the same time and collected photographs matched the lectures.Conducting theory-oriented research was to trace the research reports and the related papers on anthropology at first, and looked into the sociological research papers of Journal of International Visual Sociology Association in mainly and the international sociological issues. Although the origin phase of sociology was almost the same time as photograph invention, a few decades has passed not to conduct visual sociological research until 1960's. Today faced to multimedia era, theory expansion of visual sociology will be directed particularly to building theory itself, research methods, and educational usages.